“Far too often is the voice of the model silenced as the self is condensed into one-dimensionality,” Director Jon Jenkins says. “As the most superficial characteristics are held on a pedestal, the challenge comes to be able to genuinely express the personality and nuances that is you. Enfranchising that suppressed person, the film focuses on those real moments where people can feel like humans and not be fully encapsulated by this curated image that is often created by a team of professionals. ‘What Makes Me Different From Everybody Else’ transcends what a standard ‘Fashion Editorial’ should be.” An ANDRE BATO Production

The feature film, Aluminium Tastes Like Fear, by Andre Bato and Henri Alexander Levy displays Bato’s abrasive directing style, saturated by a lo-fi handheld VHS camera culminating in an intimate yet, gritty portrait of the brazenly raucous painter and designer.

Here, the viewer has access to a picturesque portrayal of the subtle yet ingenious imbalance of the unconscious, brutal, and uncontrollable movements of Levy’s work. From intimate moments painting and walking through stark hallways in Los Angeles to the brand’s exclusive runway shows and exhibits at Christie’s Paris, Aluminum Tastes Like Fear illuminates the concealed but, brightly iridescent landscape of Levy’s life, submerging the viewer into an improvised juggle of high fashion and art. In a culture dominated by political correctness, Levy brazenly waves his flag as the only child of capitalist realism, apologizing for nothing and creating his art through an assemblage of mistakes.

ANDRE BATO wrote, produced and directed “Office Etiquette”, a short film for the New York based publication OFFICE MAGAZINE. The film promoted the magazine’s forthcoming clothing line with an interview-style, narrative featuring artists, creatives and collaborators within the Office Magazine family.

Directed by Andre Bato, LA based fashion
brand ENFANTS RICHES DEPRIMES, presents the campaign video for their
SS 2017 Collection. Starring Grace McKagan, “Stockholm Syndrome” is a film
comprised by three different narratives occurring at the same time. The film
premiered on NOWNESS.

Moon Gemini is a short
film written, directed and produced by Andre Bato. The film originally
premiered in at Bouton Magazine’s Film festival Paris of 2017

Made in collaboration with Rolex and
Phillips, ANDRE BATO created a short film commemorating 20th century
icon Paul Newman. The piece promoted the auction of the actor turned race
car driver’s legendary Rolex at Phillips New York.

Along with Something Special Studios, ANDRE BATO directed and produced a short film for BEATS BY DRE. The film documented Beats Bar, an activation for the release of Studio3 Wireless headphones in New York City.

Created with Louis Vuitton, and released on
Garage magazine “Jeff Koons’ Guide to Transcendence” finds contemporary
artist Jeff Koons contemplating the connection between his work and the
philosophy of transcendence. ANDRE BATO was enlisted as visual artist and
consultant on the project, taking Koon’s interview and creating a dynamic
short video celebrating the collaboration between the artist and the French
fashion house.

Co-written with Hirakish and Directed by Andre Bato, IN ORDER TO ENDURE SIN, THE SLAVE MASTER MUST INVEST CAPITAL FOR ETERNITY is a short, 3 screen projection, which debuted at DIS Magazine and MOMA PS1’s Back to School fundraiser. The digital, one screen version, premiered on DAZED digital.

Director of Photography: Jon Jenkins
Post Production: Jon Jenkins / Alex Morrison
Photographer: Sarah Benjamin
Fashion Stylist: Brit Cato
Fashion Intern: Philip A Nunley
Hair and Make Up: Lauren Citera
Featured Models: Erin Mommsen at Request, Charlie James at Fusion

Featuring FW’ 17 collections by:
Taryn Winter
Want Les Essentials